Vital aid for the people of Syria

Adnan Sohail, Projects Manager of Minhaj Welfare recently visited the Turkey/Syria border, please read his account below:

It was Thursday 18th February 2016, I’ve set off for a 4-day field trip on behalf of Minhaj Welfare Foundation to the Turkey and Syria border, to assess the ongoing Syria crisis and to distribute 320 food parcels to Syrians who had fled their homes.

The next morning, I arrive at Hatay airport at 7.30am, the driver took me to what would be my accommodation for the next three days in Rehaynli. Rehaynli is literally on the edge of the Syrian border and is home to more than 90,000 Syrian refugees. Many of the Syrians are scattered, living in make shift camps, tents, and homes offered by the local Turks.

Our 3-day field distribution was mainly divided into the following: schools, rehabilitation centres and homes.

3 days with the people of Syria


One of the most difficult tasks was visiting the rehabilitation centres that were set up by local Syrian doctors. Here we met both young and old men and women, who were severely injured from the bombings in Syria. It was particularly difficult seeing the desperate situation of some people, having travelled to marginalised communities around the world for the first time, I came across people who had an arm missing and children as young as seven with severe burns on their body.

Alongside this, the most emotional period came when I met a young girl whose home we had visited whilst delivering the food items; the girl, along with her brother, were looked after by their grandmother; their parents had passed away. I asked the girl where her parents were and she replied “Paradise”. There was not one family who I spoke to that did not have a relative who died.

This was the state of the people of Syria, living in desperate times with no means of income and surviving solely on aid. Minhaj Welfare Foundation with the help of its local team travelled to make-shift camps, schools, rehabilitation centres, temporary homes and personally delivered food items to these people.

Each parcel had more than 20kg of food items; enough to support a family of 5 for 15 days. All together we supported 320 families, meaning a total of 1600 people. Our local partners took details of beneficiary heads of each family and helped to ensure that the most deserving people received the aid they were so desperately depending on.

No matter how great the support, I feel that even more needs to be done, at least 9000 Syrian families are listed as needing immediate support. Minhaj Welfare has the capacity to support the people of Syria, please donate generously towards the campaign so we can continue to help those who are depending on us.

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